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Must read before reservation

  1. Our CU MASSAGE is an intermediate platform that matches freelance massage therapists to customers. Therefore, we are only responsible for the company's mistakes in the reservation, and CU MASSAGE is not responsible for personal problems between the manager and the guest.

  2. Payment can be made directly to the manager in cash in baht after the massage is over.

  3. Tips for the manager are not compulsory, but if you think the manager did a good job, you can give them about 100 baht per person.

  4. Do not use abusive language or make unreasonable demands to the manager!

  5. Please wait for about 30 minutes with plenty of time. It may be delayed due to road conditions, etc.

  6. Please be careful as subduing the manager by force or other violent or perverted acts may result in legal punishment!

  7. When applying for a reservation, please write in detail what you want in the other requests at the bottom, and we will send you a manager that meets your requests as much as possible. (Example: A strong manager, please. A young and slender manager, please. Etc.)

Make a reservation

Choose a time

Thank you for your reservation!

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